We create rock solid apps that make it simple to control and monitor your connected enviroment. Whether you want to control a meeting room, an apartment or an entire building we've got it covered. Our amazing team will help you to design and build a stunning app to manage everything in one place.

Whatever you need, the control is in your hands.

Control Process

1 Design to requirements

2 Build (with Version
and Source Control)

3 Simple site deployment
bundles provided

4 Remote support
via VPNs and remote
management PCs

Scalable Solution


  • International Software Business
  • Room Booking & Room Control
  • 158
  • 9
  • International Pharmaceutical Business
  • Room Booking & Room Control
  • 16
  • 15
  • 3
  • Residential
  • Room Booking & Room Control
  • 68
  • International Pharmaceutical Business
  • Room Booking & Room Control
  • 123
  • 208
  • 4


When you do not require a bespoke scaled solution, you can still benefit from our expertise. We have developed a pre-built system set around standard industry hardware and configurations of that now fits the majority of meeting space systems.

By designing your systems in line with ours, you could reap the benefit of a highly tested cost effective system.